How many types of toilet are there?

You probably didn’t know there are so many types of toilet! Here Bristol plumber will explain the different types of toilets available.

types of toilet
  1. Flush Toilet: The most common type, it uses water to flush waste into the sewage system.
  2. Gravity Toilet: It relies on gravity to create a siphoning action that removes waste.
  3. Pressure-Assisted Toilet: This type uses compressed air or water pressure to enhance flushing power.
  4. Dual-Flush Toilet: It offers two flushing options, typically a full flush for solid waste and a reduced flush for liquid waste, promoting water conservation.
  5. Waterless Toilet: These toilets do not require water for flushing and instead use composting, incineration, or chemical processes to manage waste.
  6. Macerating Toilet: It features a built-in macerator that grinds waste into smaller particles for easier disposal through smaller pipes.
  7. Upflush Toilet: Designed for locations below the main sewage line, it uses a pump to push waste upward for proper disposal.
  8. High-Efficiency Toilet (HET): These toilets meet specific water efficiency standards, using less water per flush compared to traditional toilets.
  9. Bidet Toilet: It combines a toilet and a bidet, allowing for posterior cleansing with water after toilet use.
  10. Portable Toilet: Commonly used in outdoor events or construction sites, these self-contained units collect waste in a holding tank for later disposal.
  11. Composting Toilet: It uses natural decomposition processes to break down waste into compost, suitable for eco-friendly and off-grid applications.
  12. Smart Toilet: These advanced toilets often feature electronic controls, heated seats, built-in bidets, automatic flushing, and other convenient features. For this type of toilet ask plumbers Bristol for advice.
  13. Wall-Mounted Toilet: These toilets are attached to the bathroom wall, leaving the floor space underneath open for easy cleaning.
  14. Corner Toilet: Designed to fit into small or tight spaces, these toilets have a triangular shape and are ideal for compact bathrooms.
  15. One-Piece Toilet: The tank and bowl are seamlessly integrated into one unit, providing a sleek and easy-to-clean design.
  16. Two-Piece Toilet: It consists of a separate tank and bowl, allowing for easier installation and repair.
  17. Low-Flow Toilet: These toilets are designed to use less water per flush, reducing water consumption and promoting water conservation.
  18. Sensor-Activated Toilet: Equipped with motion sensors, these toilets automatically flush when a person moves away from the toilet.
  19. Antique Toilet: These toilets are replicas or originals from older eras and can add a vintage touch to traditional or themed bathrooms.
  20. Luxury Toilet: These high-end toilets offer luxurious features such as heated seats, massage functions, built-in speakers, and customizable settings.
  21. Some toilets might even be connected to your boiler to use hot water for a washing function.

Whatever toilet you might choose for your bathroom, there is a possibility to have a leak for any of above.

How many types of toilet are there?
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