How to Unblock a toilet

Assess the situation: Before attempting to unclog the toilet, determine the severity of the blockage. If the toilet bowl is close to overflowing, locate the water shut-off valve near the base of the toilet and turn it off to prevent any potential flooding before we proceed on how to unblock the toilet written by the Bristol Plumber.

how to unblock a toilet
  1. Gather the necessary tools: You’ll need rubber gloves, a plunger, a bucket, a toilet auger (also known as a toilet snake), old rags or towels, and a cleaning solution (optional).
  2. Protect the surrounding area: Lay down old rags or towels around the base of the toilet to catch any water that may splash out during the unclogging process how to unblock the toilet.
  3. Use a plunger: Start by using a plunger to clear the blockage. Place the plunger over the toilet drain, ensuring a tight seal. Push down gently and then pull up with force to create suction. Repeat this motion several times. After a few attempts, check if the water drains away. If it does, flush the toilet to confirm that the blockage is completely cleared. If not, proceed to the next step on how to unblock the toilet.
  4. Try hot water and dish soap: Boil a large pot of water and add a few squirts of dish soap. Pour the hot water and soap mixture into the toilet bowl from waist height. The hot water and soap can help break down the blockage and facilitate its removal. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes before attempting to plunge the toilet again to unblock the toilet.
  5. Use a toilet auger: If the plunger and hot water method did not work, it’s time to use a toilet auger. Insert the toilet auger into the toilet drain and slowly crank the handle clockwise. As you do this, continue to apply gentle pressure. The auger’s flexible cable will work its way through the clog, either breaking it apart or pulling it out. Be careful not to scratch the toilet bowl with the auger. Once the auger has reached its full length, retract it and clean off any debris to unblock the toilet.
  6. Test the water flow: After using the toilet auger, flush the toilet to check if the water flows freely. If the water drains away without any issues, the blockage is likely resolved. If not, repeat the plunging and augering steps until the toilet is unclogged.
  7. Clean up and restore normal operation: Once the blockage is cleared and the water drains properly, remove the rags or towels from the floor. Wipe down the toilet and surrounding area with a disinfectant cleaner. If necessary, sanitize and wash the tools used in the process.
  8. Prevention tips: To avoid future toilet blockages, remind household members to only flush toilet paper and waste. Discourage flushing items like sanitary products, diapers, cotton balls, or excessive amounts of toilet paper, as these can lead to clogs. Additionally, ensure that the toilet’s water flow and flush mechanism are functioning properly. This is how to unblock the toilet.
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