A small damp patch

We use this page to tell stories involving plumber Bristol in Henleaze area. By doing this we hope to educate our customers on how to prevent the same issues from happening to them by changing flush. A recent example was in this area of Bristol just last month.

This unfortunate circumstance lead to the roof of a dining room collapsing down and causing a lot of damage as a result of just a small leak. The homeowners had gone on a weekend trip and before leaving had not noticed a small damp patch in the upstairs bathroom.

This small damp patch was in fact and indicator of a slow leak that had sprung underneath the bath. We wish they had noticed this earlier. Then they could have called us to come and check it out. And we would have seen the leaking pipe and when changing flush.

And we would have fixed it quickly and affordably. However, the homeowners did not notice it. And instead left for the weekend trip. And out of nowhere the pool of water was forming on the dining room ceiling.

Irreparable damage

This pool grew in size to the point that it became too much for the ceiling to bare. It therefore collapsed. And it destroyed the dining room table. As well as an antique family heirloom. It caused irreparable damage to the carpet in the room.

This is not the first time that this has occurred as a result of poor craftsmanship in the past. But in fact this occurs very often and causes a lot of damage and is always a shock to people as the signs are never very clear. You would not nitice it when changing flush.

We therefore recommend that if you see anything different that could be a small damp spot, to call us as soon as possible to get an affordable, local specialist do your door to fix it as soon as possible.

the pipe that leaked, fixed by us
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