Plumbers for Kitchen Tap Repairs

One of our favourite jobs is changing taps and we can assure you that every single day we change bathroom taps or kitchen taps as people are always having problems with their taps for example taps are dripping and are not working properly or for example people have mixer taps and the water is coming out the wrong temperature. These are all common problems when it comes to taps in kitchens and bathrooms so people off and call a residential plumber to come and deal with these problems.

If you are having problems with your taps them very often we can come the same day and resolve the problem if you have old fashioned types of tap for example individual hot and cold taps then these are usually quite easy for us to fix and we carry most spare parts so this job can be completed on the visit when we come so it’s fairly hassle-free.

 However, if you have mixer unit apps which mix the hot and cold water than these taps are usually more difficult to repair and unless you are able to obtain a manufacturer repair kit for the tap it is often more cost-effective simply to change the taps and put a couple of new taps in your kitchen or bathroom this is something we could happily do quite quickly and usually gets done within one hour. You can also choose the taps you would like and then we can come over and change the taps so that way you have some choice in the kind of bathroom furniture and fittings that you have.

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