Plumbers Repair Showers

If you want a plumber to come and fix your shower then we are happy to come and complete this job however there are some considerations that you need to take into place first of all there is the consideration that there are many different showers on the market.

If you want to repair your existing shower then very often you may need to consider what manufacturer has made your shower and if you would be able to to contact the manufacturer and obtain a repair kit because we do not carry all of the spare parts for all of the different showers at this would be physically too difficult because there are too many makes and models of shower. If you have the instructions or the specification of your shower this is possible if you are happy to obtain a repair kit from the manufacturer.

Most people however choose to change their shower if it is a more modestly priced shower as this is usually more cost efficient so it just means changing the unit that you currently have to the exact same or a similar unit and this is a relatively quick plumbing job for us because we change showers daily so when we come in to change a shower it would not take as long and many showers can be fitted within the hour so you can have your job completed today.

If you have an electric shower then unfortunately you will need to contact a different plumbing company because we do not repair electric showers at the moment as this requires a plumber who is also a competent electrician due to the electricity involved so we suggest that you contact a plumber who can change electric showers who holds the part P qualification for dealing with the electricity element.

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