Tap Repair and Changes

We all know sometimes that taps are prone to failure and at this moment you would want to know what to do in order to get your taps working properly again.

Generally there are two different types of taps and in people’s homes firstly there are individual hot and cold taps which are traditionally found in homes.

mixer tap

Then you have the more modern mixer tap which enables the hot and cold water to be mixed before it comes out of the tap.

If you have the older type of individual hot or cold taps then these can generally be repaired quite easily and we usually have the parts to repair this type of tab so you do not usually need to buy a new tap because they can be fixed.

However, if you have the mixer taps then you may need to buy replacement cartridges for the tap if you are able to locate the manufacturer and the necessary repair kit. The problem is that there are so many different exit apps on the market that it can be quite a difficult task unless you purchase the taps from New or if there is a marking on the tap or you may also consider contacting a company which is able to identify your tap and supply you with the necessary replacement parts.

Some people choose to just replace the tap altogether as this is sometimes an easier option if the tap is not an expensive tap. We can send out a local Bristol plumber the same day to solve this plumbing problem.

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